Biloxi Marsh Louisiana Fly Fishing Guides

This marsh pairs excellent fishing territory with Mother Nature’s beauty. Biloxi Marsh is no exception to that with its exceptional fishing spots. Full of a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife, Biloxi Marsh provides Louisiana fly fishing anglers an opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds that can only be enjoyed here.

Our Skiffs

As professional fishing guides, Louisiana Fly Fishing Charters knows how important having the right equipment is to successful fly fishing. That is why, we chose the East Cape Fury Skiff. This agile, well-equipped skiff offers great amenities that will enhance your fly fishing experience. With outstanding performance and exceptional features, you’ll spend the day fishing with the best.

Fly Fishing in Salt Water

Fly fishing in salt water is a thrill like no other especially when you are sight casting for record breaking bull redfish in Louisiana. If you’re an avid angler, you know that salt water fly fishing takes skill and patience. As you skim through the water on a well-equipped skiff, your only goal is to sight the copper back of an enormous bull red. Then the adrenaline rush begins.

Fly Fishing for Redfish

Fly fishing for redfish in Louisiana isn’t for the faint of heart. During the Fall and Winter months, Louisiana is home to enormous Bull Reds. Anglers have been known to bring home redfish in excess of 40 pounds in the heart of the Louisiana Bayou. Here at Louisiana Fly Fishing Charters, we’ll take you on the adventure of a lifetime tailing these massive beasts until the time is right and then test your angling skills as you wrestle in your trophy catch. 

Saltwater Fly Fishing

Saltwater fly fishing in Louisiana is a year round adventure. During the colder winter months, our prized catch is the enormous bull redfish. As we move into the Spring and Summer months, we gravitate towards the interior marsh lands. These areas are full of aquatic grasses that serve as home to large schools of redfish.  These amazing fish proudly show off their incredible coppery orange/red bodies and unending appetite. We’ll entice our prized catch with top water flies. You’ll experience a serious adrenaline rush as these beauties surface mouth open wide to crush your top water flies.